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Fear Factory Presents


So you think shopping, decorating, hanging lights and entertaining family during the holidays is terrifying? Think again! This "Holiday ONLY" event will truly be your nightmare before Christmas. The twisted minds at The FEAR FACTORY have just concocted some holiday horror which is surely to become a family tradition. TINSEL TOWN TERROR takes you on a twisted trip through Santa "Claws" home and into the bowels of his dreary basement where his enslaved elves build distorted, ominous toys for the "naughty" while incarcerating the "nice". You'll "stroll" through a winter "wasteland", explore vast frozen "ice caves" and pay a visit to the Deer "Sleigher's" Barn. Take in all "TINSEL TOWN TERROR" has to offer..."it's beginning to look a lot like terror"! This twisted journey is sure to top everyone's "wish" list and may just become one of your families favorite "holiday traditions"...if you dare! You can even take your picture with Santa "Claws" and his elves if your brave 'nuff!

*WARNING: "Yes Virginia...this is scary!" should know what's best. We, however, do not recommend this attraction for kiddies under 12 or for those still under Santa's "spell"...if you catch our drift!